Saturday, November 27, 2004

Riding in the snow rules!

I went out for a 2 HR singlespeed ride today. I'm working on my spin outside on the bike, and my strength and power in the weight room. I really enjoy seeing all of the strange looks on the average suburbabanite, as I ride by their SUV in the cold wet snow. Good times! Hey, check out Jeff Kerkove's blog. He's organizing an epic MTB race across Iowa. Sounds like fun!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob Robert Cave D.O.B. 11/24/01!  Posted by Hello

My wife says Justin is my very own mini me. He's only about 15 minutes old in this picture. His quads are thick and burly. I think he may be a 24HR MTB solo champion racer someday. Well for now, he'll just Eat, Sleep, Pee, and Poop. He seems to have all of these things mastered. Posted by Hello

We were blessed with another healthy baby boy. Justin Scott Cave. Born 11/21/04 8lbs 12oz.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Jeff Hall sighting!

Happy turkey day! I went out for a mtb RIDE at Lebanon Hills yesterday and ran into Jeff Hall. He was on his way back from work, and decided to hit the singletrack for a quick lap. He had his commuter backpack on and was off like a bat out of hell. Needless to say, I never saw him again. I pounded out 2 Hrs in the awesome singletrack that MORC designed. This trail rocks! It now has it all. Kudos to the fellas at MORC for doing an outstanding job! I hit the trail again this noon, and cranked out another 3 laps. Good times. I must now go eat turkey like a typical American glutton should.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Iceman Update, Training, and Life

Well, It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been extremely busy with wrestling, family, and devising a plan to pay off my cycling debts. The Iceman Cometh was an all out roadie rage fest! My heart rate was 170-190 for the entire race. I wanted cold, nasty, and snowy conditions. This wasn't meant to be. The temp was in the 50's, and it was the fastest Iceman to date. I never really felt that great during the race. Geee, could it have been related to the 14 hour drive, or perhaps only getting 6 hours of sleep the night before the race. It was a flipping haul through the UP and into Michigan. Chuck, Sarah, Melissa, Jacob, and I didn't even get into town until 9:00 Friday evening. I finished with a time of 1:52, 20 minutes behind race winner Brian Matter. Brian is now the only rider to win the Midwest triple crown. He won the Ore to Shore, Chaquemegon 40, and Iceman this year. Congrats! Oh well, the highlight of the weekend was taking Jacob and Melissa down to the pool. Good times.

I'm now in rest and recovery mode. I started lifting with my legs last week. Lunges, leg curls, and leg extensions. I do six sets of 15 reps on each lift. I also do hundreds of reps on abs, 3 days a week. It feels great to finally get some good rest, and focus on taking care of my family. Michelle and I are expecting a new baby boy in 2 weeks. I'm going to start riding with the Flanders Bros. on Sundays and Tuesdays after Justin is born. These rides are epic! Six + hours of riding bliss. When the snow flies, I will be riding the snowmobile trails along the Minnesota River bottoms. This is really good pain for the legs. Happy trails!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Fall Training for the Iceman Cometh!

I went on a 6 hour MTB ride down to the Minnesota River Bottoms trail on Sunday morning. It was beautiful! I left my house at 6:00am, with my HID Night Rider light system in tow. I stopped at Starbucks for a double shot on the way. This is standard, and a definite must for cold weather rides. It was a great ride, and was my longest since the 24Hr World's. I'm trying to prepare for the Iceman Cometh in 2 weeks. I understand that this is a 27mile rage fest, and the conditions may be cold + nasty. It usually takes me 27 miles just to warm up my legs so, this isn't really my cup of tea, but it should be good fun anyhow. I'm heading out to the UP with Chuck and his family. I'm taking my son Jacob along as well. My prego wife is staying at home to rest, as she is due on Nov. 30th. Chuck is getting VIP passes to the Subaru/Gary Fisher party after the race. We may get to drink beer and rub elbows with Ryder Hesjedal. We also plan to hook up with the Bell's beer boys. I hear they throw an outstanding bash after this race, not to mention that they are also scary fast on the bike. Should be a great time!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Here I am, suffering from a serious state of Hypoxia at the 2004 Pork Chop Challenge Cyclocross. Kudos to Doug Swanson for setting a blistering pace, and making us all suffer that much more. Doug crushed the field for another victory yet again! Posted by Hello

Chuck grunting up a hill at the Pork Chop Challenge.  Posted by Hello

Jacob and Melissa raising the roof at the 2004 Pork Chop Challenge cyclocross race. It was a cold day! The kids (including Chuck and myself), played hard. Jacob slept for the entire ride home. Good times had by all! Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

This is my ride. This bike rocks! I started mountain bike racing 4 years ago, and have had the oppurtunity to ride almost every type of bike. This is by far the best all around cross country bike on the market! It rides like a dream! I also have a 2003 model in all black. Check out, to look at the best mountain bikes made in the U.S.A. I'm going to order another ASR SL frame for next year as well. Jay "Hollywood" Hebderson at the Gravity Lab, is going to build it up as a single speed! I love bikes. As Hollywood would say, "Party On." Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Here's my son Jacob, and his friend Melissa (Chuck's daughter), hanging out at the Lake Rebecca cyclocross race! Good times! Posted by Hello

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve cyclocross race. This was my first race since the Rapture in Misery race. Speaking of which, the race organizer for this race contacted me to inform that I actually took 5th overall in the 12 Hr race. Nice! He sent me out a whole box full of goodies. 300.00 worth of schwag. Back to cyclocross. This race was a 60 minute interval rage fest. I am worked. I wasn't even going to race however, my good pal Chuck coerced me into it. I didn't even start feeling good until 45 minutes into the race. These Pro/1/2 roadies are scary fast. But can they ride for another 11 hours? Next week, I'm going to warm up for 2 hrs before the race. Good fun! Enjoy your evening.  Posted by Hello